AtmoTrack, Finalist of the ASCA® Challenge 2020 – Internet of Things

The first prize was awarded to the French candidate AtmoTrack for its highly accurate microsensor. Thanks to ASCA® organic photovoltaic (OPV) film, this sensor is energy-independent and it measures, locally and in real time, the quality of ambient air in order to understand exactly where pollution comes from, so that actions can be taken to preserve the health of urban citizens.

"We are very proud to win this first prize, which recognizes the quality of our work. AtmoTrack is embarking on a new adventure, thanks to the support and influence of ASCA." Romain Scimia, Cofounder of AtmoTrack

"At AtmoTrack, we are committed to developing solutions that provide performance and that have little impact on the environment. Integrating a photovoltaic solution into our repertoire seemed obvious to us. The ASCA® organic photovoltaic (OPV) film, free of rare or toxic metals, allows us to meet our environmental requirements and check all the important boxes – develop a technological product that is 100% recoverable and made in France." Dorian Leblond, Mechanical Design Engineer at AtmoTrack

The second prize was awarded to the German candidate foldAI for Aja-Natural Ecosystem Intelligence, a tool that accurately measures environmental parameters in order to improve forest management. The third prize goes to the French candidate Franck Gauthier for SylviaCare, a detection and warning management system used to more effectively fight fires in natural spaces. The three finalists were awarded business strategy coaching and marketing advice, along with personalized guidance and supervision from ASCA’ experts on the development and implementation of their projects.

A Well of Innovative Solutions

The jury, a total of seven international experts (business leaders and investors from the chemistry and IoT sectors, journalists and academics) and four members of the ASCA’ team, received dozens of candidates from various industries (smart city, AgTech, wearables, etc.) and from all over the world. When assessing the project of each participant, the jury took into account perceived benefits, potential markets, financial viability, and environmental and social impacts. “The final decision was difficult and tight. The level of the candidates’ applications was very high. We were very impressed.” Moïra Asses, Marketing and Business Development Director, ASCA

ASCA<sup>®</sup> Challenge 2020 - IoT | Winners

ASCA® Challenge 2020 – Internet of Things, Open Innovation Competition

Always looking to innovate, ASCA launched the ASCA® Challenge 2020 – Internet of Things last November. As the first OPV technology innovation competition, this international challenge was open to all competitors (engineers, designers, start-ups, students, etc.), regardless of their specialty. IoT was the theme of the competition and the candidates were asked to create energy-independent devices that use the ASCA® OPV film from ASCA. “Leader of the OPV market, we are proud to contribute to the creation of an innovative ecosystem. The ASCA® Challenge encourages the development of energy-independent IoT solutions, in order to meet social challenges.” Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of ARMOR