Light harvesting is a technology that converts light into electricity using solar cells. This technology is often associated with traditional solar modules, but it can also be used with lighter, more flexible and stronger organic materials. Organic solar modules can be used to power both indoor and outdoor equipment, making them ideal for asset tracking solutions and, in general, a wide range of uses related to tracking assets, equipment or even people.

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Especially sensitive to light, ASCA® organic photovoltaic cells can be used to power equipment located both indoors and outdoors. Their ability to operate efficiently even in low-light environments makes them an ideal solution for asset tracking. In general, a large number of applications related to the tracking of goods, equipment or even people are suitable for this technology

One of the main benefits of energy harvesting with light is increased autonomy and equipment life. Organic solar panels can be used to continuously recharge the batteries of trackers and BLE beacons, extending their life. This also reduces the costs associated with maintenance and battery replacement.

In addition, energy harvesting through light is an environmentally friendly solution. Traditional batteries often contain toxic materials that can have a negative impact on the environment and are not properly recycled today. Organic solar modules, on the other hand, do not contain toxic materials and therefore offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for powering such equipment.

Did you know?

ASCA® photovoltaic films are made of organic polymers. With a production process and a final product free of toxic and/or carcinogenic substances, this technology offers a sustainable and ecological alternative for powering any type of equipment.

Organic solar modules are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to integrate into small equipment. This allows BLE trackers and beacons to remain compact and unobtrusive, which is particularly important for indoor tracking and location applications, such as the solutions under development by the manufacturer InVirtus.

In conclusion, energy harvesting with light is a sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for powering asset tracking equipment. Organic solar modules offer a lightweight, flexible and durable alternative to traditional solar modules, making them particularly suitable for outdoor and indoor use. With this technology, companies can extend the life of their equipment, reduce maintenance and energy costs, and be environmentally friendly.