Perfect for energy-harvesting

The ROOMZ Display solutions are used in office environments where the illumination level is typically rather low and often created by artificial light sources. As ASCA® solutions are highly sensitive in such low light situations, it was a straight-forward decision for ROOMZ to make use of them starting with the retrofit package Solar Kit that is now commercially available. As the organic photovoltaic (OPV) film by ASCA is thin, lightweight and flexible, it can easily be integrated. In addition, thanks to ASCA’s technology, it can be fabricated in any shape. The electronic characteristics can be customized as well. Thus, the OPV film can be easily adapted to any electronic, sensor or IoT device. For the ROOMZ Solar Kit, the ASCA® organic films are used to replace non-rechargeable batteries of the existing devices. With this solar-power source, ROOMZ fulfills its aspiration to develop solutions with a low ecological footprint.

Customized shape

“Thanks to their specific features and their customized shape, ASCA®´s photovoltaic modules fit perfectly into our existing solutions, making them the ideal product for our needs. They offer an answer to IoT´s main concern, which is to power devices with a more sustainable and cost-effective solution through savings on maintenance and operation costs,” says Roger Meier, CEO of ROOMZ S.A.
“The ROOMZ Solar Kit is the first milestone of a long-term partnership between our two companies as we also share the same values: developing innovative solutions that facilitate daily business and contributing to the energy transition,” says John Fiske, Business Development Manager of ASCA.

Award-winning solution

At the Workspace Expo in Paris in October 2021, the ROOMZ Solar Kit already won the Innovation Award in the Technology Category. The professional jury, made up of designers, shared spaces specialists and journalists, awarded this prize to the ROOMZ Solar Kit in a ceremony on October 10.