The project

An IoT kit to collect indoor air information

This IoT kit, developed by ASCA teams, is designed for indoor use. It allows to measure, collect and monitor information on the air quality of indoor spaces (work environments, meeting rooms, offices, ...).

Resulting from the work of ASCA technical teams, it collects the following information: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and storage element (super-capacitor) recharge level.

A connected object totally autonomous in energy

This device is completely autonomous in energy. A luminosity of 500 Lux for 7 hours or 300 Lux for 12 hours allows to cover its daily energy needs. The data are sent every 30min during the day and every hour at night (in the absence of light).
IoT Kit - ASCA


John FISKE - Business Development Manager ASCA

This project demonstrates the relevance of the ASCA® organic photovoltaic technology for IoT products.

The energy harvesting from the ambient light is an interesting solution to answer the autonomy issues of sensors and connected objects.

John Fiske, Business Development Manager
An IoT kit to collect indoor air information