ARMOR and the Brazilian start-up, Flying to the Sun, a specialist in the development of projects using organic photovoltaic energy, have established a new partnership. Flying to the Sun decided to incorporate ASCA® flexible and ultra-thin photovoltaic film into a new type of solar bag.

The result of the collaboration: a 100% recoverable product

The Kombucha Solar Bag is both lightweight and flexible. With two ASCA® photovoltaic modules free of silicon and rare metals integrated within an organic fabric called 'kombucha', the solar bag is fully compliant with the principles of sustainable development. The Brazilian company selected ASCA® for the quality and performance of its modules, explains Vénétia Santos, director of Flying to the Sun, before adding: "This type of cutting edge industry is only really understood in just 3 or 4 research centres around the world. France enjoys genuine expertise in the area and is carrying out a lot of adventurous work."

An "intelligent" bag meeting mobility requirements

This intelligent and connected solar bag is fitted with a USB port which is in turn connected to an external battery. The Kombucha Solar Bag is able to store collected solar energy through its photovoltaic films, or can recharge your phone directly, or can power a light source. Its compactness makes it especially useful for travellers and tourists looking for eco-designed products. This eco-responsible product has grand ambitions:: "We have to transform our behaviour. This is what will bring about the great change required to tackle the numerous challenges we are facing. The effects of global warming can already be felt. The new generation is fully aware of what needs to be done. They are already carefully deciding what they will eat and what they will buy" explains Vénétia Santos. This innovative solar bag is part of the ASCA® Mobility programme and is one of the applications targeted by the ASCA® photovoltaic films to meet the energy needs of frequent travellers. All of the projects launched under the ASCA® Mobility banner are developed with the support of the ASCA® Solutions Lab, the dedicated ASCA® design office.

About Flying to the Sun

A subsidiary of the company ERGON Projetos, Flying to the Sun notably works on projects involving street furniture and photovoltaic charging stations, in cooperation with an NGO from Haiti. A project for massage sandals coated with PV film is also being developed. Flying to the Sun exhibited its solutions at the Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro between July and November 2017.  
An organic handbag incorporating the ASCA® photovoltaic film