The project

Smart communication network via light

The EHPAD Les Eglantines is benefiting from the innovative Dalkia Smart Lighting Services solution for its lighting, with the implementation of a geolocation communication system via light, based on LiFi technology. Dalkia is deploying the Voice on Light or VoLTM concept developed by LiFiNEO to broadcast information through lighting. A new system of more efficient LEDs equips the healthcare facility. The luminous messages broadcasted are detected thanks to badges equipped with ASCA® photovoltaic films. The solar films are used as sensors. They are highly sensitive to light and can detect even very small changes in lighting. The film is thin and flexible and fits perfectly on the compact access badges of the nursing staff.

The intelligent communication network enables the deployment of specific digital services with features that improve the comfort of caregivers and patients. The lighting is adapted according to the presence of the teams or the external luminosity, generating up to 80% energy savings. Staff can also consult patient files instantly and securely when their badges are located at the entrance to the rooms. Also equipped with accelerometers, the badges detect falls or accidents and quickly alert nearby staff through the lighting network. The result is greater comfort within the establishment.

Ease of deployment

The intelligent communication system developed by Dalkia and LiFiNEO is easy to deploy in existing infrastructures. Within the framework of a lighting renovation, it is easy to add the LiFi functionality and to build a communication network thanks to the use of badges equipped with ASCA® photovoltaic film. A small film surface allows the detection of light information, so the badges fitted to people are compact, light and easy to adopt.
John FISKE - Business Development Manager ASCA

"The collaboration associating our ASCA® technology with smart lighting and Lifi perfectly reflects ASCA's desire to create an innovative ecosystem enabling the development of solutions at the service of users. Thanks to ASCA® film, we can imagine all kinds of asset tracking applications allowing to geolocate goods and people to answer security and optimization issues."

John Fiske, Business Development Manager - ASCA

Key information

Project steps

  • Contact and project study phase
    June 2020
  • Prototyping and fine-tuning
    January 2021
  • Production of modules
    March 2021
  • Deployment within the institution
    June 2021


Mission Stakeholder
Design of the communication network Lifineo
Definition of the application cases Dalkia
Design of modules ASCA
Production of modules ASCA
Deployment Dalkia, Lifineo

Project team

John FISKE - Business Development Manager ASCA

Business Developer

David Fleury - Project Manager - ASCA

Project management


Intelligent lighting at the EHPAD Les Eglantines

Intelligent lighting at the EHPAD Les Eglantines