Project Goal: Limiting deep discharge events of truck batteries by OPV Details: "Truck batteries need to be replaced frequently as a consequence of deep discharges, which influence the lifetime of the batteries negatively. By minimizing deep discharges and some additional charging through OPV we will enlarge the lifetime of the batteries, thus can reduce maintenance cost significantly. This will not only help the business aspects of our truck fleet but also has positive impact on the environment through less batteries consumption. Furthermore given the flexibility and the shape-ability of OPV we can integrate OPV on the windshield quite easily and without any penalty in weight" Marcus Bunk, CEO JMK Logistics OPV on truck About JMK: We are your reliable partner for your transport logistics. To do so, we combine cost effectiveness with high standards regarding climate protection and quality: logistics services performed respecting ecological affairs and combined with up-to-date technology. JMK is passion, reliability and flexibility. Our customers’ confidence in us is our highest priority, which we prove by in-time and in-quality service of each of our jobs.
OPV enforced wind deflector for truck