The project

Solar Mesh Dance, a suspended kinetic structure

Solar Mesh Dance is a kinetic suspended structure by artist Björn Schülke, which will be exhibited in August 2021 at the LRRH_ Gallery in Düsseldorf. It is composed of aluminum, wood, fiberglass, an ASCA® solar module, motors, electronics, and sensors.

This structure, 6m high and 2.5m wide, is set in motion by solar energy. The circular ASCA® OPV module captures ambient light and powers the structure's motors.

A unique design

Solar Mesh Dance integrates a 2.5m long and 30cm wide ASCA® solar module. Thanks to the high lightness and flexibility of the film, Björn Schülke has given it a spherical shape. The transparency of the ASCA® film also reinforces the impression of lightness of this creation.


"The collaboration between ASCA and Björn Schülke demonstrates the value of ASCA® solutions for artists. They allow new functionalities to be fed with a completely custom-made design."

Mathilde BERGER, Project Manager

Key information

Project steps

  • Beginning of the project
    June 2021
  • Installation
    August 2021


Mission Stakeholder
General design Björn Schülke
Design and production of the OPV module ASCA
Installation Björn Schülke

Project team

Mathilde BERGER

Project Manager


A suspended kinetic solar structure

A suspended kinetic structure