The project

STOOL, the self-sufficient solar lamp

Designed by .STOOL, a manufacturer of solar accessories, this original solar lamp is self-sufficient. It integrates an ASCA® solar module as the only energy source.

This design lamp offers up to 35 hours of light for every 6 hours of sunlight, every day of the year. This is possible thanks to the high light sensitivity of the ASCA® film, which can produce electricity even when positioned in semi-shade.

An eco-designed lamp

STOOL solar lamps do not consume additional energy and can be recycled as well as all their components. The quality and durability of this lamp make it an environmentally friendly product. The frame is made of stainless metal (stainless steel or brass), the frame is made of OPV ASCA® film.

This creation demonstrates that it is possible to imagine a wide variety of products and accessories based on ASCA® technology. In this project, the solar module plays the role of energy production by capturing the light but also of shade allowing to better diffuse it.

Olivier PORTIER, Business Development Manager
A self-sufficient solar lamp