We find solutions for your business challenges

Architects, engineering offices, building envelope manufacturers, developers, etc. we find solutions for your business challenges.
From the first sketch to commissioning, ASCA helps you create energy solutions that best suit your needs.

Low carbon building designs
Innovation through technology
Freedom of creation

Solutions for sustainable architecture

ASCA develops and produces Building Integrated Photovoltaics ( BIPV ) solutions that are integrated into building materials, such as glass, polycarbonate, textiles, tensile fabrics or ETFE.

Building envelope elements such as double-skin façades, balustrades, shading systems or glass applications become multi-functional elements capable of producing energy.

Able to adapt to any type of architecture, ASCA® solutions improve the carbon footprint of buildings by producing decentralized energy directly where needed, contributing to today’s energy transition challenge.

ASCA develops solutions


    Freedom of creation
    Customizable (all shapes and sizes)
    Transparency levels and color choice


    Low-carbon technology
    100% recoverable
    No rare metals or silicons


    Lightweight and flexible – easily adapts to any architectural constraints
    Seamless and aesthetic integration


    Maximized energy production
    Operates in low light or partial shading conditions

Urban furniture projects?

ASCA develops customized solar solutions for easy energy production in cities. Discover our page dedicated to urban furniture.