A flexible, agile structure

We are a team that is involved, invested, creative and pragmatic.

ASCA® is 100% dedicated to your project.

A strong industry leader

ASCA® is world leader in organic photovoltaics, with its own production facilities based in Germany, and with a capacity to produce 1 million square meters of film per year.
ASCA® is a subsidiary of HERING Group.

We co-design

Our team of architects and designers will help draft your ideal project, and our engineers will find solutions that will bring it to life!

Our photovoltaic film can be integrated into any material – textile, glass, polycarbonate, metal, etc.

Our perfectly modular product, gives you the freedom to create. It is light, flexible and semi-transparent, so it can take any form you need.

The technology works in any environment that has light, giving you total autonomy.

We engineer

Our R&D and design office, will always find a solution.

It’s simple! We dedicate one person to manage your project, so you always know who to turn to.

A child of both a start-up and a big industrial group, we know the best of both worlds, so we completely understand your needs.

We produce

We directly manufacture our products in our factories, locally based in Germany.

We can design prototypes, before we deliver the real product.

We can take on small or big projects – we welcome the challenge!

We have a trusted network of integrators.

We are part of HERING Group, a world leader in industrial production.

What we believe in?

  • Simplicity

    It should be simple to add an energy source to a project.

  • Adaptability

    You don’t have to change your project to find a technical solution, its the technical solution who must adapt.​


    A good technical solution is one that seamlessly integrates into a design.

  • Sustainability

    Made of carbon-based organic synthetic materials, ASCA® film is the greenest form of solar energy at your disposal.​