Reinvent electronics with ASCA

The IOT market is growing rapidly, with more than 50 billion connected objects to date and a growth rate of about 15% per year. This means that battery use has increased, as well as the environmental and economic risks associated with it.

The benefits of ASCA® solutions


    Without batteries, without wires and without connection to an electrical network your connected devices gain autonomy, thanks to ASCA® film.


    Thanks to its high light-sensitivity, ASCA® film is equally effective outdoors and indoors, under artificial lighting conditions.


    In addition to being thin, light and flexible, ASCA® solar modules have a tailor-made design. These characteristics allow for a simple and aesthetic integration that adapts to the specificities of your product.


    The light sensitivity of the ASCA® photovoltaic film is so high that it can act as an energy collector, as well as an energy generator (luminosity, LiFi reception).


    The ASCA® organic photovoltaic film, produced by a low-carbon process, does not contain rare metals or silicons, and is 100% recyclable.

Listening to the challenges related to your industry

  1. Smart Buildings Plier/déplier

    Space management, network and consumption monitoring, security, quality of life

  2. Industrial /Commercial Plier/déplier

    Security, remote monitoring and control, energy efficiency, asset tracking and consumption management

  3. Home automation / Health Plier/déplier

    Connected wristbands, protection of valuable objects, smart meters, indoor environment management

  4. Agriculture Plier/déplier

    Livestock monitoring, irrigation management, fire prevention, equipment management and crop monitoring

  5. Environment Plier/déplier

    Natural resource management, spill/leak detection, river level monitoring, accident prevention

  6. Smart cities Plier/déplier

    Asset management, energy efficiency, travel optimization, air quality, waste management

John FISKE - Business Development Manager ASCA

"The future of IOT and electronics is based on combining technological progress with energy harvesting equipment that uses photovoltaics. This may be a first step towards decreasing battery use and all of the environmental concerns related to it."

John Fiske, Business Development Manager - ASCA

We work together…

Our approach is largely based on listening to a passionate team of engineers, who dream big.

We innovate at your side to develop ready-made solutions that meet your needs and fit seamlessly into your environment.

We support your project from the design phase to the production phase.

Unleash your creativity and turn your idea into a reality!

Working with ASCA is the simplest way ​to use green energy for the design of your project.

  1. Idea Plier/déplier

    You have an idea, a concept, a sketch... let's talk about it!

  2. Co-design​ Plier/déplier

    Design thinking and co-design workshops, iterative sprints...

    Our team of architects and designers will draft your ideal project with you, and our engineers will find tailor-made solutions to make it come to life. 
    We give you freedom to create.

  3. Engineering​ Plier/déplier

    With our rich R&D and our design office, we find solutions every step of the way, from the integration of ASCA® modules into the product or structure to the complete electrical system and connectors. 

    It’s going to be simple : we dedicate one person to manage your project,so, you always know who to turn to.

  4. Prototyping​ Plier/déplier

    We can design prototypes before we deliver the final solution.
    We can take projects of any size: small to big, it’s always interesting for us !

  5. Industrialization​ Plier/déplier

    We have a trusted network of integrators.

    We are part of ARMOR GROUP, a world leader in industrial production.

    We directly manufacture our products in our factories, locally based in Europe.