Reinvent electronics with ASCA

The IOT market is growing rapidly, with more than 50 billion connected objects to date and a growth rate of about 15% per year. This means that battery use has increased, as well as the environmental and economic risks associated with it.

The benefits of ASCA® solutions


    Without batteries, without wires and without connection to an electrical network your connected devices gain autonomy, thanks to ASCA® film.


    Thanks to its high light-sensitivity, ASCA® film is equally effective outdoors and indoors, under artificial lighting conditions.


    In addition to being thin, light and flexible, ASCA® solar modules have a tailor-made design. These characteristics allow for a simple and aesthetic integration that adapts to the specificities of your product.


    The light sensitivity of the ASCA® photovoltaic film is so high that it can act as an energy collector, as well as an energy generator (luminosity, LiFi reception).


    The ASCA® organic photovoltaic film, produced by a low-carbon process, does not contain rare metals or silicons, and is 100% recyclable.

Listening to the challenges related to your industry

  1. Smart Buildings Plier/déplier

    Space management, network and consumption monitoring, security, quality of life

  2. Industrial /Commercial Plier/déplier

    Security, remote monitoring and control, energy efficiency, asset tracking and consumption management

  3. Home automation / Health Plier/déplier

    Connected wristbands, protection of valuable objects, smart meters, indoor environment management

  4. Agriculture Plier/déplier

    Livestock monitoring, irrigation management, fire prevention, equipment management and crop monitoring

  5. Environment Plier/déplier

    Natural resource management, spill/leak detection, river level monitoring, accident prevention

  6. Smart cities Plier/déplier

    Asset management, energy efficiency, travel optimization, air quality, waste management