Discover the latest solar charger concept from ASCA® Solutions Lab, a prototype that can inspire your future projects!

An "off-road" solar chargerr

Whether hiking for several days, in the middle of a park or simply far from an electrical outlet, who hasn't dreamed of never running out of battery power, or of being able to recharge their favorite electronic device at any time??

To meet this need, our Design & Engineering Department, ASCA® Solutions Lab, has developed this new concept of mobile solar charger: the ASCA® SunGo Roll

The sun, sole source of energy

Thanks to the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film, the sun's rays are captured, transformed into electricity and then stored in the ASCA® SunGo Roll internal battery.

This prototype is ideal for charging all electronic devices: smartphone (Iphone/Android), GPS, camera, or laptop computer.

Lightweight and easily transportable

Ultra-light, compact and rollable, this solar charger concept is the answer to your mobility needs.

It takes full advantage of the fineness and flexibility of ASCA® organic photovoltaic film and can easily fit in a handbag, backpack, or transported into any situation.

This concept has been developed by the ASCA® Solutions Lab in order to demonstrate a concrete application of the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film.

Choosing to use the ASCA® product means that you also have the choice between different services ranging from the simple provision of the ASCA® film to the complete management of its integration into your application or product, from the design phase to the manufacturing process.

ASCA® SunGo Roll, the compact and rollable solar charger