The project

OPV Solartree®

The OPV Solartree® is a unique design installation - inspired by nature. It shows how flexible and aesthetically attractive organic photovoltaic is, compared to classical photovoltaic. The OPV Solartree® supports the regenerative and ecofriendly message of the area it is installed in.

Installed in Dubai, the 3-meter high, 2-meter span structure is shaped like a palm tree. It gathers 12 OPV modules of 90 centimeters length encapsulated between two polycarbonate sheets. They are attached to a metal trunk.

An energy self-sufficient installation

The Solartree® in shape of a banana tree accumulates energy in a power bank located inside the trunk. Bystanders can charge their mobile devices via a USB port directly at the OPV Solartree®.

In addition to charging electronic devices, the tree's leaves provide light through small LEDs attached to the tips of the leaves.

ASCA solar palm equipped with solar leaves
Solar palm tree ASCA

Both innovative and new, the Solartree® highlights the limitless possibilities offered by ASCA® organic photovoltaic technology.

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OPV Solartree®