The project

100% autonomous computer keyboard

ASCA has designed a stand-alone keyboard that is completely powered by solar energy. Equipped with a blue ASCA® organic photovoltaic module (OPV), the keyboard was specially developed for use in indoor workspaces. This innovative technology allows it to capture and convert light into energy, whether natural or artificial.

Without any wire, it can be installed quickly and easily, providing users with an optimal user experience. This keyboard is a sustainable and practical solution for businesses that are concerned about their environmental impact and productivity.

Customised integration

Thanks to ASCA's expertise in module customisation, we were able to create a unique and futuristic design. The light and transparent ASCA® photovoltaic film integrates seamlessly with the high-tech aesthetics of the keyboard. It extends over the entire top surface of the keyboard to maximise light collection, while optimising the user space so as not to compromise the user experience. The result is an innovative and stylish product that operates completely autonomously while providing a convenient and intuitive user experience.

In pictures

John FISKE - Business Development Manager ASCA


"By combining ASCA® photovoltaic technology with an everyday object such as a computer keyboard, we offer an innovative solution that meets the needs of users for energy efficiency and aesthetics. The unique characteristics of the film offer a great deal of freedom in design and creation, allowing for further applications in the field of electronics."

John FISKE, Business Development Manager - ASCA
100% autonomous computer keyboard