The project

Implementing attractive renewable energy sources

Within the framework of the LAGI 2022 Mannheim challenge, Mirek Struzik, a Polish artist specializing in the creation of sculptures in public spaces, designed The Solar Poplars concept based on ASCA® solar solutions. This line of urban furniture has been created to revolutionize the way renewable energy is generated at local scale. The designer wished to create a simple concept inspired by nature to be seamlessly integrated in the city landscape.

The structures look like a symbolic tree and integrate green ASCA® modules encapsulated in polycarbonate. The trees are designed in 3 different sizes: 208, 244 and 295 cm high. At night, illumination magnifies the structures. The design of The Solar Poplar is currently exhibited at the BUGA 23 show in Mannheim, the German Federal Garden Show.

Limitless creativity

Thanks to their great design freedom, ASCA® solutions offer designers the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild. Mirek Struzik has also created Solar Butterflies, gigantic sculptures incorporating ASCA® films. Using 100% recyclable materials (steel, polycarbonate, solar modules), the structures are strikingly large. Available in a selection of colors, the butterflies' wings light up at dusk.


Urban furniture projects?

ASCA develops customized solar solutions for easy energy production in cities. Discover our page dedicated to urban furniture.

The Solar Poplar, urban artwork