The project

100% autonomous eco-designed clock

Within the framework of a collaboration with BODET TIME, European leader in time measurement and management, a clock powered thanks to two ASCA® solar modules was developed. The latter, also integrating a solution patented by BODET, operates without wire or battery, which limits the costs of intervention and maintenance.

The organic photovoltaic modules (OPV) ASCA®, particularly efficient in low-light environments, generate energy even in artificial lighting conditions.




An eco-designed clock

The combination of ASCA® solutions and a support conceived from recycled and recoverable materials from the BODET production workshops enables to limit the environmental footprint of the clock. Developed in an eco-design and circular economy approach, the solar-powered Profil 930 L analog clock brings new innovative and low-carbon time display solutions.      
Horloge éco-conçue autonomie - ASCA



“For this project, we had very precise specifications. The great strength of ASCA, through its photovoltaic films which have the particularity and the advantage of being thin and lightweight, was to propose a customized solution for our clock.”

Anthony Boigné, Product manager, BODET TIME

Key information

Project steps

  • First contact and project study phase
    July 2020
  • Prototyping and development
    June 2021
  • Pre-serie
    April 2022
  • Commercial launch
    December 2022


Mission Stakeholder
Power management design BODET TIME, ASCA
Design & Production of photovoltaic modules ASCA
Integration of the OPV modules on the device BODET TIME

Project team

John FISKE - Business Development Manager ASCA

Business Development Manager

David Fleury - Project Manager - ASCA

Project Manager


100% autonomous eco-designed clock

100% autonomous eco-designed clock