The project

100% autonomous eco-designed clock

Within the framework of a collaboration with BODET TIME, European leader in time measurement and management, a clock powered thanks to two ASCA® solar modules was developed. The latter, also integrating a solution patented by BODET, operates without wire or battery, which limits the costs of intervention and maintenance.

The organic photovoltaic modules (OPV) ASCA®, particularly efficient in low-light environments, generate energy even in artificial lighting conditions.




An eco-designed clock

The combination of ASCA® solutions and a support conceived from recycled and recoverable materials from the BODET production workshops enables to limit the environmental footprint of the clock. Developed in an eco-design and circular economy approach, the solar-powered Profil 930 L analog clock brings new innovative and low-carbon time display solutions.      
Horloge éco-conçue autonomie - ASCA


100% autonomous eco-designed clock