ASCA solarizes the glass façade of an office building

In cooperation with BGT (Bischoff Glastechnik GmbH) and the architects of H III S (Harder Stumpfl Schramm freie Architekten), green ASCA® solar modules, whose design was inspired by the brick walls of the adjacent buildings, were designed, manufactured and laminated into large glass panels, which form the facade of the newly constructed municipal services building of the city of Gronau.

The integration of solar modules into large glass panels demonstrates a high level of technical mastery and represents a major advance in the field of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

The electricity produced is used for self-consumption in the building.

Transparent glass modules produce electricity

In keeping with the aesthetics of the urban landscape, ASCA developed green solar modules with a custom design inspired by the building's brick facades. In addition, while the solar glass is transparent from the inside, it is translucent from the outside, ensuring a bright and intimate work environment for employees.


“We were convinced that we could take advantage of many design options.” […] “Building-integrated photovoltaics is a hot topic that will continue to grow in importance in the future.”

Architects from H III S
BIPV glass façade of an administrative building