The project

An energy-sufficient biotope for the Dutch Pavilion

For the Dubai World Expo, V8 Architects designed a miniature world with its own climate system for the Dutch Pavilion, covered by a custom-made and aesthetic solar roof, designed by the Marjan van Aubel studio, in partnership with ASCA. The energy produced by the installation powers the pavilion by clean energy.

Using the many properties of the ASCA® film - semi-transparency, flexibility, custom design, freedom of shape and color - Marjan van Aubel’s studio created a roof with unique patterns and colors that allows light to fully reflect inside the pavilion, offering visitors an immersive experience.

Versatile solar solutions

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the ASCA® modules will also play an essential role in the stability of the biotope by filtering the sun’s rays and thus allowing the plants present in the ecosystem to perform their photosynthesis.


"The solarised panels on the roof of the Pavilion, which are based on stained glass windows, will give visitors the impression of being in a huge contemporary church with beautiful light reflections and a multitude of colour shades. We would never have achieved this moiré effect without ASCA’s OPV technology, which offers a rich palette of colours and great design freedom.”

Marjan van Aubel, Solar Designer
An energy-sufficient biotope for the Dutch Pavilion