The project

Solar-powered connected clothing

Art by Physicist, a Silicon Valley start-up specializing in sustainable high-tech fashion, imagines and designs a connected jacket and dress that can charge electronic devices in mobile situations (up to 5V). Flexible and designed in the shape of a lotus, the organic photovoltaic film ASCA® allows to power the clothes.

Committed to the environment, Art by Physicist favors digital printing on demand for its creations, an environmentally friendly process that limits textile overproduction and water consumption. 100% reusable and made from non-toxic materials, ASCA® film can be easily removed from the garment and reused like any other electronic device.

Innovative technologies opening a new field of possibilities

The jacket and dress are part of an innovative collection of smart textiles that includes a reversible heated coat, a programmable Wifi dress, fabrics with customizable LED circuits and Bluetooth accessories.


Kitty Yeung - Art by Physicist - ASCA


"When I designed the Lotus Jacket and Guilin Dress, I already knew what technologies I wanted to incorporate. I discovered the ASCA® OPV film in the shape of a lotus and thought it was a perfect match for my nature-inspired designs. The ASCA® team first presented me with a prototype dress with the OPV module and then worked out the best connection solutions for my needs. Our collaboration was very natural.

Dr Kitty Yeung, founder of Art by Physicist
Connected and sustainable clothing