The project

OPV glass facade installation for an exterior lift shaft

Within the framework of a collaboration with BGT (Bischoff Glastechnik), customized and semi-transparent blue ASCA® organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules have been designed and manufactured, and then laminated into the façade glass of an elevator shaft attached to the existing Sonnenapotheke building. In order to comply with building codes and safety regulations for vertical integration of laminated glass, shatterproof tests were made and passed for this specific project.

The power generated by the OPV is used to ventilate the lift shaft in order to prevent heat accumulation inside leading to uncomfortable conditions when using the installation.
Each glass panel has an individual layout. A range consisting of 4 different ASCA® organic photovoltaic modules has been designed for this project.

A BIPV façade with a unique design

This BIPV facade makes it possible to energize a previously unused surface. The photovoltaic equipment is integrated into the glazing as a construction element in its own right. This facade also provides a double function: energy production and thermal regulation inside the elevator shaft.

For this project we created a new OPV design series, which has been integrated into customized glass panels. This way we truly implement a unique façade.

OPV glass façade installation for an exterior lift shaft