The project

Ra, a solar artwork

Ra is a solar artwork by solar designer Marjan van Aubel, which introduces solar energy into everyday life through objects. It was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week 2021.

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra, who was seen as the creator of the sun, the work is powered by sunlight.

Its vibrant colored solar cells capture the light and the energy captured is then stored in battery that powers an electroluminescent paper. The aesthetic and artistic aspect then takes precedence over the technological aspect.

Unlimited creativity

Ra integrates an ASCA® solar module that has been combined with a colored film, designed by Marjan van Aubel. The colors change throughout the day, depending on the position of the sun. The luminous graphic patterns create a moiré effect that projects beams of bright colors into the environment. In the evening, a glowing ring proudly displays its captured energy in the form of light.


Ra, a solar artwork