The project

An aesthetic solar greenhouse capable of extending the growth of plants at night

Called Future Light from Distant Stars, this greenhouse installed at Visual Carlow (VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art), Ireland, was designed by artist David Beattie.

Imagined as a work of art, it takes the form of a lively and colorful greenhouse during the day to transform into a functional greenhouse with a strong visual impact at night.

From a technical point of view, it integrates 15 triangular and semi-transparent ASCA® solar modules laminated between two polycarbonate panels. The modules recharge a battery during the day, and then the battery powers a UV lamp for 3 hours at night. This is a useful light source for plants that use UV light to extend their growth period at night.

More and more amazing creations

The ASCA® technology allows to imagine ever more astonishing shapes. By playing with shapes, colors, transparency and the way the modules are assembled together, it is possible to imagine almost limitless creations. For the Future Light from Distant Star project, ASCA was able to meet David Beattie's very specific design needs.

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An aesthetic solar greenhouse