The project

Suntex, a solar textile dedicated to outdoor surfaces

Designed by Pauline van Dongen, in partnership with Tentech BV, this demonstrator combines the properties of textile with the energy harvesting potential of ASCA® solutions.

On each panel, 16 ASCA® modules are integrated within the textile.

Suntex has the ability to make buildings more energy efficient and brings completely new aesthetic qualities such as color, transparency and texture.

A textile to cover facades and windows

Suntex is a durable, water-resistant textile made from recycled polymer yarns.

It could therefore be used as a cladding material to clad facades for new and renovated buildings. It could also be applied to glazing to provide solar protection.

ASCA® solutions can be customized specifically to the purposes of the SUNTEX project. Form factor, dimensions, connections points and power outputs can be all fit for our needs. From a designers’ point of view, visual qualities such as translucency and color help us to integrate solar SUNTEX in “the world around us” and to raise social awareness and acceptance of sustainable energy by creating visually attractive solutions.

Pauline van Dongen, Fashion designer
A solar textile dedicated to outdoor surfaces