The project

Autonomous display

Within the framework of a collaboration with ROOMZ, a Swiss company specialized in creating solutions for the intelligent management of meeting rooms and workspaces, a brand new innovative and low-carbon wireless display device has been developed.

The low energy screen is powered by an ASCA® organic photovoltaic (OPV) module, which makes this solution totally autonomous in energy and thus allows to limit maintenance costs.

Effective even in low light conditions

The ASCA® OPV module, thanks to its high light sensitivity, is particularly efficient in low-light environments and allows to generate energy in artificial lighting conditions such as in offices. Moreover, it integrates perfectly with the existing solution thanks to its lightness, its slimness and its custom design.



“Thanks to their specific features and their customized shape, ASCA®´s photovoltaic modules fit perfectly into our existing solutions, making them the ideal product for our needs. They offer an answer to IoT´s main concern, which is to power devices with a more sustainable and cost-effective solution through savings on maintenance and operation costs,”

Roger Meier, CEO - ROOMZ S.A.
Autonomous display