The project

Indoor autonomous atmospheric sensors

In October 2020, an innovative and autonomous monitoring system that tracks changes in atmospheric conditions, such as humidity and temperature, was installed at Wüst Technology on the production site. For this German, micro-precision, electronics manufacturer controlling these parameters is a major challenge. This is why, the electronic system is connected to a network of sensors that is fully powered by ASCA® Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) modules, an especially efficient energy source for low-light environments.

Since they do not require a battery or a cable, the sensors are simple and easy to install, resulting in a decrease of maintenance costs and an increase in production quality.

An energy harvesting solution

Thanks to ASCA photovoltaic solutions, it is possible to recover the surrounding light energy (Energy Harvesting). It is thus possible to limit the maintenance costs related to the increased use of batteries and to limit the environmental impact, while gaining in functionality and autonomy.


This installation is a real success and a big step forward for us. We produce
micro-precision pieces that are particularly sensitive to atmospheric conditions during their manufacture. The innovation of ASCA has the advantage of allowing us to focus on our core activity and to adapt our production according to the data collected in real time, without having to worry about the maintenance of the sensors.

Stefan Götz, Sales Director, Wüst Technology
Indoor autonomous atmospheric sensors