The project

Energy-generating glass balustrades

Within the framework of a collaboration with BGT (Bischoff Glastechnik), customized and semi-transparent green ASCA® organic photovoltaic modules (OPV) have been designed and manufactured, and then laminated into glass balustrades of a high-rise residential building in Möhringen. The energy generated by the glass balustrades, the first of their kind, is fed directly into the grid.

In addition to manufacturing the OPV components, ASCA also participated in planning the system integration, from cable routing and connection technology to the inverter
While the balustrades are transparent from the inside, they are translucent from the outside, thereby guaranteeing privacy from the outside.

A great first

This project, realized in residential buildings by the architects of Werkgemeinschaft Böhme Hilse, is the first ever installation of glass balustrades with OPV ASCA® solar modules.


“With the glass balustrades, ASCA closes a gap in facade construction. For the first time, safety glass for high-rise buildings can also generate energy. The modules are ideally suited for facades because they are attractive, and there is also no complete loss of power even when partial shading occurs thanks to their technical properties.”

Martin Sulzer, Head of technical sales BGT

Project steps

  • Design & Project planning
  • Production & pre-assembly
    November 2020
  • Installation
    January 2021


Mission Stakeholder
Overall design Werkgemeinschaft Böhme Hilse
Technical system development EGS-plan, ASCA
Module design and production ASCA
Electrical system (incl. design) EGS-plan, ASCA
OPV inlay assembly ASCA
Glass lamination BGT
Steelwork Stahlbau Jerger GmbH
Electrical installation Jörg Reichenbacher GmbH

Project team

Hermann ISSA

Project Management

Tobias SAUERMANN - Production - ASCA


The project

Photovoltaic surface area: ≈ 200 m²



Energy-generating glass balustrades