The project

Energy-efficient ETFE façade

Within the framework of a collaboration with ETFE specialist Taiyo Europe, the World´s first energy-efficient façade project in membrane architecture has been developed using customized ASCA® photovoltaic modules on ETFE at a Merck building in Darmstadt.

The intention was to create an extravagant façade equipped with an OPV system that is appealing not only in terms of functionality but also design. It was intended to demonstrate that printed organic photovoltaics make a fundamental contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings. The system feeds power back into the building’s grid.

A world first

An aesthetically as well as a technically high-quality solution for an energy-efficient membrane façade was made available for the first time. This represents a milestone in the field of membrane construction.


“The cooperation between ETFE and OPV was a real meeting of minds. It is an ideal material combination for an original and trendsetting architecture for façades and roofs.”

Peter Kastner, Sales Manager at Taiyo Europe GmbH

Project steps

  • Design & project planning
    2016 - 2018
  • Production of OPV & pre-assembly
    January - March 2018
  • Installation & commissioning
    April 2018


Mission Stakeholder
Overall design Henn Architects Moniteurs GmbH
Module design and manufacture ASCA
Finishing as ETFE sticker ASCA
Mechanical and electrical installation on ETFE frames ASCA
Frame installation ASCA

The project

Photovoltaic surface area: ≈ 500 m²


Merck KGAA

ETFE Façade Concept