The project

A design solar tree powered by ASCA® solar modules.

Within the framework of a competition organized by the municipality of Löchgau, ASCA in collaboration with BGT (Bischoff Glastechnik), has developed a solar tree with a modern and futuristic design. ASCA® organic photovoltaic modules (OPV), customized and semi-transparent, were designed and laminated between two polycarbonate panels.

The energy produced by this BIPV installation supplies an electric bicycle station in a senior citizens' residence in Löchgau, Germany.

This application demonstrates the flexibility of ASCA® solar films. In contrast to rigid solar panels, the great freedom of shape and design allows for unique creations, like the "leaves" of a tree.

A photovoltaic solution with a tailor-made design

Solar energy is generated by photovoltaic cells based on organic polymers, which ASCA applies in very thin layers on thin films using a special coating process. ASCA® film is available in blue, gray, red or green. The latter color was chosen for the OPV modules covering the solar tree. The flat steel elements of the structure were manufactured by the German company Schlosserei Kirchknopf, which was also responsible for the on-site installation.


Aesthetic solar tree by ASCA in Löchgau

"At Strenger, we are keen to implement innovative projects and we like to venture into unknown territory. For the realization of a tree that provides energy, we found an excellent partner in ASCA, which had already developed a concept proposal for us after only two meetings. The cooperation with ASCA and Schlosserei Kirchknopf, which provided the "trunk" and "branches" of the tree, was excellent."

Maren Gerhäusser, Project Manager - Strenger Bauen und Wohnen

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Solar tree from ASCA supplies e-bike stations with environmentally friendly energy