Catch the light

ASCA®, the photovoltaic solution that unlocks your imagination

Our lives need energy

We bring your projects to life by capturing sunlight, so that you can transform your ideas into reality and create a more sustainable future. Thanks to 10 years of innovation, our photovoltaic technology is light, agile and can be easily integrated into any object.

Our lives need beauty

ASCA® energy inspires your creativity and fuels your imagination.
Our modern and modular solutions perfectly integrate with all of your designs!

Customized design

No limit – anything is possible!

Light & Flexible

Light like a feather


A little, a lot, or not at all

Indoors & Outdoors

Any light source is good


A sustainable solution made in Germany

Aesthetic, durable, simple ... and pretty cool!

The result of many years of R&D, ASCA® film is a unique, innovative and cutting-edge technology.

It is completely modular. Light, flexible and semi-transparent, it can take on any shape.

Our solutions offer more freedom! They work in any context where there is light, indoors or outdoors, activating any surface.

We work together…

Our approach is largely based on listening to a passionate team of engineers, who dream big.

Together, we innovate and develop ready-made solutions that meet your needs and fit seamlessly into your environment.
We support your project from the design phase to the production phase.

Unleash your creativity and turn your idea into a reality!
Working with ASCA® is the simplest way ​to use green energy for the design of your project.

  1. Idea Plier/déplier

    You have an idea, a concept, a sketch... let's talk about it!

  2. Co-design Plier/déplier

    Design thinking, co-design workshops, iterative sprints, etc.

    Our team of architects and designers will help you draft your ideal project, and our engineers will find tailor-made solutions to make it come to life.

    We give you freedom to create.

  3. Engineering​ Plier/déplier

    Our R&D and design office, will always find a solution, from the integration of ASCA® modules into the product or structure, to the complete integration of the electrical system and connectors.

    It’s simple! We dedicate one person to manage your project, so you always know who to turn to.

  4. Prototyping​ Plier/déplier

    We can design prototypes before we deliver the final solution.

    We can take on small or big projects – we welcome the challenge!

  5. Industrialization Plier/déplier

    We have a trusted network of integrators.

    We are part of HERING Group, a world leader in industrial production.

    We directly manufacture our products in our factories, locally based in Germany.